Coaching + Capacity Building for Social Good

You know your program.

We know data.

Let’s tell your story.

Do you…


  • Feel overwhelmed by the amount of data you collect?
  • Think time spent on data is preventing you from providing your services?
  • Have data stored across multiple systems?
  • Wonder if you’re collecting the right data?
  • Need to report outcomes to your board or funder?
  • Want to tell a more meaningful story about your program?

Imagine if you could…

  • Simplify the amount of data you collect
  • Develop customized, realistic, meaningful, and sustainable data tools and strategy
  • Create data analysis and reporting structures that add instead of distract from your work
  • Reduce the time it takes to make data-informed decisions
  • Communicate your effectiveness to your funders, board, and partners

You are ready to move from confusion to clarity.

Scribbled or tangled line

Learn how to untangle your data to tell your story.


Data is messy!

But that doesn’t mean that data has to be confusing.

Clients often contact us looking for a quick-fix solution like a dashboard or a new database, when what is really needed is data and evaluation capacity building.

Working together, we teach you how to align what you do with the goals you are trying to achieve so that you can make data-informed decisions and do your good work even better.

Icon of a lightbulb to symbolize capacity building

Capacity Building

Through workshops, coaching, and technical assistance, we teach you how to collect, manage, and analyze data to tell your story.

Icon of a clipboard and magnifying class to symbolize program evaluation.

Program Evaluation

We partner with you to plan and implement an evaluation to help you understand the process and/or outcomes of your program.

Icon of a report to symbolize data visualization.

Data Visualization

Using charts, one pagers, infographics, and other visuals, we work with you to illuminate your data to move from insight to action.

Photo of Elizabeth Grim

Welcome, I’m Elizabeth Grim!


I’m a puzzle, book, and nature loving evaluation consultant.

I strive to build community, promote social justice, and challenge the status quo.

I believe that data is a tool for building more complete and equitable communities.

I help organizations move from insight to action to make informed decisions and tell your story.

And of course, we have a lot of fun along the way.

Office of Performance Evaluations Idaho Legislature logo

“We worked with Elizabeth on the planning, implementation, and evaluation of ALX Cares, a program in Alexandria, VA that distributed more than $2.5M in grocery gift cards to families that lost income due to COVID-19. The program required significant data management and Elizabeth was an invaluable advisor and guide as we set up the data systems. She also worked with community partners on data collection and reporting in ways that eased burdens and helped build trust. Elizabeth’s final report succinctly captured key insights and program achievements so that we could make a compelling case for continued investment in the program.“

Heather Peeler
President & CEO, Act for Alexandria

“Elizabeth is not only a well-trained and experienced evaluator, but she is also a conscientious professional with a deep commitment to equity and justice. We were very fortunate to have her as a consultant on our child protection projects. She exceeded our expectations in completing her assignments – the deliverables were complete, accurate, well thought-out, and on time.”

Rakesh Mohan
Director, Idaho Office of Performance Evaluations

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