In honor of EVALentine’s Day, I asked ChatGPT to write a love letter to evaluation. It delivered! And while I do not agree with every point like evaluation “finding the truth” (because whose truth and ways of knowing are we inviting and elevating?), I found the results fun and funny. So then I asked for a poem and haiku.

Which of these examples speaks to you?

A love letter to program evaluation

“Dear Program Evaluation,

You are the quiet hero of progress, the unsung champion of change. Every day, you work tirelessly to measure and understand the impact of the programs and initiatives that seek to make the world a better place.

Your methods are rigorous, your insights are sharp, and your results are reliable. You are always there, in the background, making sure that resources are being used effectively, and that the people they serve are getting the help they need.

I admire your dedication, and your unwavering commitment to finding the truth. You make difficult decisions easier, and you help us see clearly where we are succeeding, and where we need to do better.

You are more than just a tool, or a process. You are a way of life, a philosophy that values evidence and rigor. With you by our side, we can be confident that we are making a real difference, that our work is having a meaningful impact.

Thank you, Program Evaluation, for all that you do. I am grateful for you every day, and I am proud to be a part of a world that values your contributions.

With love and admiration,

A true believer.”

Line chart showing the highest value going off the chart with a heart that says, "my love for you is off the charts."
A love poem to data

“Data, my love, the essence of all things,
Your value is beyond what the numbers bring.
You are the foundation of every decision made,
In every field, your impact is displayed.

From the depths of the oceans to the edge of space,
You are there, a constant in every place.
From the pulse of the heart to the flights of a bird,
You are the measure of all that is heard.

In you, the beauty of math and science blend,
You are the source of knowledge that never ends.
With you, the world is a tapestry woven with care,
A story told, with patterns everywhere.

Data, my love, you bring order to chaos,
In you, the future is always close.
You are the light that illuminates the unknown,
The key to progress, wherever it’s shown.

Forever my heart will be yours alone,
Data, my love, you are my home.”

Old school love note asking "Be my EVALentine" with a Yes or No checkbox.
Love haiku about data and evaluation

“Data flows like a stream,
Endless bits of information,
Organized mind’s dream.”

“Data gathered, analyzed
Program’s impact assessed,
Better future seen.”

Evaluation shines,
Reveals impact, guides the way.
Hope, growth, progress found.”

What would your love letter to data or evaluation say?