Hi, I’m Elizabeth!
I am so excited to geek out with you about evaluation.

Imagine a world where organizations use data by design not default, to elevate your community impact, advance equity, and promote social change.

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Our values include collaboration, curiosity, integrity, justice, transparency, and trust.

Elizabeth Grim

Founder & CEO

Elizabeth Grim (she/her) is a nationally recognized evaluator, facilitator, and speaker who helps purpose-driven organizations piece together data puzzles to tell their story.

With 10+ years of experience in the evaluation and nonprofit sectors, Elizabeth brings an interdisciplinary perspective to her work, pulling from feminist, trauma-informed, equity-focused, and participatory methods for evaluation and learning. She has worked with partners in philanthropy, state agencies, and social service organizations focused on early childhood education, housing and homelessness, juvenile justice, legal aid, and public health. Elizabeth holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of Virginia and Master’s degrees in Social Work and Public Health from the University of Michigan.

Elizabeth brings curiosity and creativity to her work, focusing on learning over perfectionism. She partners with dreamers, disruptors, changemakers, and good troublemakers across organizations and sectors to align their vision and values with their data strategies. She often jokes that she works as both a “data therapist” and a “professional question asker” to challenge assumptions, encourage discussion, and elevate stories. And she does so with a lot of humor.

In addition to evaluation, Elizabeth is known for her love of nature, traveling, reading, and policy advocacy. On her time off, she is usually out exploring new hiking trails with her friends and their human and fur babies.

What You Can Expect

Collaboration, curiosity, transparency

At Elizabeth Grim Consulting, LLC, we believe in walking the talk. With a background in social work and public health, Elizabeth brings a strong commitment to social justice, transparency, curiosity, and equity into every step of the process. The approaches used are collaborative and participatory in nature, designed to build the skills of individuals and groups.

We strive for learning over perfection.

This is the real world. Budgets change, staff move to new positions, new technology is adopted. We’ve seen it all. Our strategies reflect the ever-evolving nature of programs and communities. We meet client needs by emphasizing learning and updating our models as contexts evolve.

Our projects start with an introductory call to learn about each other, determine if this partnership is a good fit, and develop a scope of work. We gather background documents to learn about your organization. Then we dive in and start the project, whether that is holding workshops, facilitating discussions, collecting data, or designing visualizations.

Our favorite work is when we can help build your internal capacity and confidence with data.

We gather feedback throughout the process so that the final products reflect your needs and desires. Since this is a small business, you can always expect to receive high-quality services from a senior consultant.