From an early age, I have been enthralled with puzzles, math, science, and books. I was the kid who got excited about math camp and did word problems for fun. I wanted to understand how things worked and how to improve them.

So it comes as no surprise that I have dedicated my career to harnessing the power of data, design, and evaluation to advance social justice and create more effective programs and policies.

I get excited about creating a world with healthy, complete communities where everyone has a safe affordable place to live and opportunities for well-being, including access to health care, recreation, education, employment, and transportation. Much of my work has focused on ending homelessness.

I also enjoy helping others to translate their findings into clear communications materials. Because, really, no one wants their materials and reports to become paperweights on a desk or the latest batch of paper in the recycling bin.

When I am not geeking out over evaluation, data visualization, policy, and social change, I can be found hiking, trying to visit all the national parks, practicing photography, and training for a half marathon.

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