Wearing Many Hats: Where Does the Role of Evaluator End?

Evaluators wear many different hats, which vary depending on the evaluation approach as well as the stage of the evaluation cycle. Over the years, evaluation theorists have debated the role of the evaluator. Campbell classifies the role of evaluator as methodologist, Scriven says judge, Stake says facilitator, and Wholey says educator (Luo, 2010). Today, evaluators often straddle all of these roles in addition to new roles brought with advancing technology and globalization such as designer and marketer. Other hats include data analyst, project manager, grant writer, strategic planner, coordinator, educator/teacher, coach, and facilitator.

Tech Chat – Twitter Part 3: Advanced tips and tricks

This is the third post in a four-part tech series about Twitter for evaluators. This post reviews more advanced tips and tricks for engaging others and managing your content. You will learn how to schedule posts, select hashtags, create lists, manage email notifications, pin posts to your profile, and analyze tweets. Be sure to check out the bonus resources at the end!