Each year, I feel like I easily reflect on the highs and the lows. There are so many emotions and memories attached to these two extremes, making the milestones easy to remember. In 2021, there were many on both sides. And yet, I find that it’s the messy middle where the change happens. Those seemingly small successes that we forget to celebrate along the way during our day-to-day lives. 

Looking back on 2021

After 7 years of dreaming and side hustling, I officially launched my evaluation consulting LLC – Elizabeth Grim Consulting. In 2021, I worked with 7 clients across 10 evaluation projects on topics such as food security, emergency services, legal aid, and early childhood education. I participated in my first podcast interview on EvaluLand. And I got to geek out while teaching evaluation and data visualization workshops and presentations. 

I hiked my final 6 mountains of the New Hampshire 48 4000 footer list (a goal I had been working on for 6 years). I also took a bucket list trip to Glacier National Park with my family, which changed my heart and soul in ways that I am still finding the words to express. 

Like many folks, I struggled with isolation and anxiety related to the global pandemic. I also spent lots of time bonding with my physical therapist while recovering from an accident, helped a parent move across the country, and missed friends and colleagues I haven’t been able to see in person. I am so ready for the days of in-person workshops and client meetings again!

2021 was quite the year.

What’s next for 2022?

I am excited to continue to partner with dreamers, disrupters, change makers, and good troublemakers who are committed to questioning the status quo.

Coaching & Consulting

I will continue to provide 1:1 and group coaching and consulting. Together we will strengthen your internal evaluation capacity, so you can move from confusion to clarity to elevate your story with data. Each project starts with an introductory call where we talk about your needs, discuss a few different approaches, and craft a plan that works for your organization.

Recent projects have focused on topics such as:

  • Aligning your data with your vision and values
  • Conducting a community assessment
  • Designing purposeful surveys
  • Evaluation planning and strategic thinking
Designing & Data Visualization

Looking for a report makeover, informative one-pager, or a fresh set of PowerPoint slides? I provide design services on a contract and retainer basis to showcase your work in visually appealing and impactful ways.

Training & Workshops

If one-time or a series of trainings is more your style, I offer customized workshops for groups that can be held either virtually or in-person (when it is Covid-safe to do so; I’m vaccinated, boosted, and comfortable wearing a face mask). We have an introductory call to discuss your interests and goals, review relevant background materials, and then develop a plan that is meaningful and impactful for you. 

Sometimes teams choose a one-time workshop, and other times we develop a series of training opportunities.  

Example workshops include:

  • Adopting inclusive and non-violent language
  • Creating a data culture
  • Demystifying data visualization
  • Leveraging logic models
  • Stepping into survey design
Speaking Gigs

In 2022, I am dreaming and planning more partnerships for podcast appearances, guest speaking gigs, and keynote opportunities. Are you ready to be inspired by how we can shift our relationship with data from transactional to transformational?

Fostering Curiosity

In 2022, I’m hoping for more personal and professional adventures. For me, this often comes from a place of curiosity and creativity. I’m working on a few new services behind the scenes and developing clearer messaging materials. I also have a strong urge to be back in the desert under the stars, so I’m thinking more road trips might be in order soon. 

Whatever 2022 holds, I know it will be better and stronger because of many wonderful colleagues, clients, and partners. Thank you all for joining me in this journey.

Cheers to the joys, messy middles, and challenges that this year is sure to bring!