We believe in making learning and evaluation meaningful, fun, and accessible.

Most of our evaluations and designs are private documents or customized workshops created for clients. When we work on public-facing projects or projects that we have permission to share, we will do that here.

Images of select report pages highlighting skills in report design

ALX Cares Grocery Gift Card Program

This project was funded by the CARES Act and provided grocery gift cards to eligible households. The project was a collaboration with a foundation, state agencies, and community partners around data collection, management, and analysis. Project deliverables included monthly reports and presentations as well as a final report.

Image of a housing data dashboard to highlight report design skills.

Housing Disparities Report & Dashboard

This project analyzed public data related to racial disparities in housing and homelessness. Deliverables included a final report, PowerPoint presentation, and a series of static dashboards.

EASTCONN community assessment report images.

Head Start Community Assessment

This community assessment explored area demographics as well as community strengths and needs for two Connecticut counties. The findings will guide future Head Start program planning. The deliverables were a final report and presentations to the Board and Policy Council.

Free Resources

Example pages from the inclusive and non-violent language guide.

Adopting Inclusive & Non-Violent Language

Learn how to adopt inclusive and non-violent language in your work with this e-book. This resource includes suggested alternatives for commonly used phrases as well as resources for additional learning.