It’s time to toss the confetti and blow up the balloons! Today we’re celebrating three years of this wild and wonderful adventure as Founder and CEO of Elizabeth Grim Consulting, LLC.

Three years ago, I took a major leap of faith and made my dream of running my consulting company full-time a reality. When I shifted my company from a side hustle to a full-time firm, I had no current contracts. On paper, this was a super risky decision. We were in the middle of a global pandemic, I was recovering from surgery, and I had a decent job with benefits. I also hadn’t seen many examples of what consulting could look like in a single-income household, especially when you layer on chronic health conditions and the need for good insurance.

I polled all the audiences and phoned all the friends.

And every time someone told me I should wait, I got frustrated. Because I knew in my soul that this is what I wanted and needed to do. I was waiting for someone else to give me permission and tell me it would be ok. But I already knew it would. I couldn’t explain why. I just had a deep inner knowing that I had to trust and try.

Elizabeth stands in front of a colorful geometric mural holding a large blue number three to celebrate their business anniversary.

Now here we are. Three years into this adventure, surrounded by amazing clients and colleagues. It hasn’t been easy. 2024 started off really challenging, trying to balance all the things. And yet it keeps working out. You have trusted me to hold, honor, and elevate your stories and your programs. For that, I am sincerely grateful.

I am so proud of the collaborations and partnerships we’ve fostered over the past few years, supporting purpose-driven organizations to create intentional, meaningful, and sustainable evaluation strategies.

So today is also a celebration of you, dear readers, collaborators, and co-conspirators! Thank you for your support, kindness, and commitment to social change.

I’ve spent this week reading transcripts of conversations with community providers, and I have been reminded of the passion, dedication, and care our partners have for supporting their communities. It is a gift to witness your work and learn beside you. From housing to early childhood education to food security and beyond, you all are making our world a better place.

Each time I work with a group to gather data, I am also reminded that each of us has a unique story. Each of us has a desire to feel seen and heard. It’s such a joy to be part of conversations and connections that facilitate this listening and learning.

Thank you for trusting me and teaching me.

Speaking of trust…

we’ve been reading some fabulous resources about shifting power and collaborating with communities:

Three rainbow-colored cupcakes with candles on a teal background asking readers to help us book three workshops for our 3rd birthday.

Speaking of teaching…

I would love to celebrate our third business birthday by booking three workshops. Do you know a group ready to level up their evaluation skills? Send them my way!

We offer both in-person and virtual workshops, which are customized to meet your needs. Our most popular workshops are:

  • Creating an Evaluation Culture: Teaches actionable ways to blend learning and evaluation into your organization
  • Demystifying Data Visualization: Shares dos and don’ts for designing meaningful and impactful data visualizations
  • Exploring Program Evaluation: Provides an introduction to evaluation and data collection, including tips, tools, and templates
  • Stepping into Survey Design: Offers a framework and examples for how to craft meaningful survey questions
  • Words Matter: Adopting Inclusive and Non-Violent Language: Shares guiding principles, reflective practices, and examples for how to shift our language

Cheers to many more years of shifting the narrative to use data by design, not default!