We are your thought partner for evaluation planning, strategic thinking, and data visualization.

We partner with dreamers, disrupters, change makers, and good troublemakers through


We partner with you to ask powerful questions, develop meaningful insights, and tell compelling stories with your data through 1:1 coaching, project-based work, and retainer models.


We teach group training to ask powerful questions, build evaluation capacity, demystify data visualization, and adopt inclusive and non-violent language.



We deliver keynote, plenary, and podcast sessions to shift people’s relationship with data from transaction to transformational, so you can spend more time changing the world.

You deserve customized & meaningful solutions.

How we move organizations from confusion to clarity

We know that you are ready to shift your relationship with data from one that is transactional to transformational. Working together, we will ask lots of questions, try new strategies, and develop a customized plan that meets your needs. This isn’t about perfection. This is about learning together to create and communicate meaningful stories.

Get Curious

We begin by grounding ourselves, checking assumptions, and asking questions.

Be Creative

Next we get creative, developing customized, sustainable, and realistic strategies

Seek Clarity

Lastly, we put the pieces of the puzzle together to craft meaningful insights and compelling stories.

Need more specifics?

We have transformed organizations through…

  • Data capacity building
  • Customized training
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Evaluation planning
  • Data walks
  • Logic model development
  • Needs assessments
  • Survey & tool creation
  • Interviews & focus groups
  • Process & outcome evaluation
  • Infographics
  • One pagers
  • Report writing
  • Presentation creation
  • Redesign of existing products